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Hmmmmm Topics…

So this WordPress blog was setup as part of a college assignment where I had to create an online blog, Facebook and Twitter page and had to post things related to Marketing etc.

I decided to just let the blog die after the module was finished in January, as what was the point of keeping it running?! It was just so much effort, with no perceivable reward, in my eyes.

However, one of my current lecturers (kudos to Stephen Ryan!!) brought to our attention about placement next year… I’m part of a 50+ class all of whom are trying to get a good, paid, educational placement next semester after Christmas. This doesn’t include the rest of CIT students going on placement, UCC, St. Johns etc… Competition is tight, and I’m never one to settle for mediocrity, so I would be hoping to get placement in a business that’ll give me a real feel what a career in Marketing is like, and not just have me making coffee!!! I know that I need to stand out (Seth Godin’s Purple Cow!!) and keeping this blog updated, maybe only twice a month, might just give me that edge over someone else. Let’s see what happens…

Now I just have to think of topics to write about for the next year… Let the games begin!


Anyone with ideas/connections for placement for January ’18, hit me up; I’ll be eternally grateful!! 🙂 

Shane C


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