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3 Examples of Great Irish Video Marketing

There are many great examples of video marketing worldwide; but I thought I’d focus purely on the Irish market for this blog post.


Few brands are more recognizable or Irish, than Guinness. The particular ad I chose is their Christmas Ad, and it has become a classic; like the Coca-Cola truck arriving into town, and features only the iconic black and white of Guinness throughout the entire commercial.

The ad shows Dublin city as the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, as it begins to snow. A man checks his black and white watch while walking his Shepard, a black horse’s frosty breath illuminates the blackness of the night and the famous Molly Malone is seen covered with a dusting of powdery snow; all keeping the noir theme constant. Previous Guinness references are thrown in – the old Guinness Toucan logo and the famous currach; again all covered in snow.

The lasting image of the advert shows the black gate of St. James’s brewery with a head of snow settled on top of it, similar to a pint of Guinness, whilst the tag line “Even at the home of the Black Stuff, they dream of a white one” is gently uttered.


Quite possibly my favourite ad of all time; due to it’s shear randomness, hilarity and unique Irish wit and quick thinking that we are renowned for!!

The ad features 3 Irish lads on a lads holiday to Rio. They are asked about where they are from and told to “do something Irish”, and given only two options; “dance or sing”. Not liking their options, they pick C; and recite “a poem in their native Irish tone” to much bemusement of any human with even basic Junior Cert. Irish. The ad was part of Carlsberg’s “There’s probably C campaign” and shows it’s better to think outside the box.

Pat the Baker bread

Not the most exciting of business’, but a highly memorable ad all the same. The animation, jingle and sense that life doesn’t begin until Pat the Baker hits the shelves, all added to the character of the advert.

The cheerful jingle plays throughout as the delivery van makes his way around the country in the darkness, he beeps and wakes up the sun to rise at the break of dawn. The town clock becomes alive and rings out to alert the people of his presence, and the cock begins to crow. All giving the impression of the vitality of Pat the Baker’s bread. The advert closes with their slogan; “So fresh, its famous”, helping highlight the quality and reassure the public.


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