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3 Brands that are great at Twitter

Social media plays a vital part in Business’ getting potential customers to their site or store, and some brands are better at doing this than others.

Business Insider compiled a list of the “Top 20 Brands on Twitter, Ranked by Influence with Customers” and compiled a similar list of “Top 10 Brands to Follow on Twitter”; I went through both lists and picked my three favourite Twitter pages based on content posted, interaction with other users and of course, uniqueness, as standing out is vital in business.

StarbucksCoffee @starbucks


Starbucks have amassed nearly 12 million followers, and have been using Twitter since November 2006.

Their profile picture is of their brand logo; helping to promote brand awareness and helping ease recognition for Twitter users. Starbucks reply to a large number of tweets that they’re tagged in; such as people asking for recommendations and giving feedback, and tweets that “Starbucks” is simply mentioned in. They appear to have excellent customer service, and care about customers feedback and criticism too, as they check up on all complaints tweeted to them. Their page seems to be mostly about alerting the public/customers to their seasonal coffee options, and finding out more about the complaints they receive and attempting to rectify them:


Starbucks media content is mostly pictures of their coffee options, with bright, warm filters but also with quite an abstract twist, as people are often seen in their pictures but their faces are seldom view able:


They tweet regularly about the charity projects they are involved in, such as #Upstanders; a charity that helps to prevent and inform people not to be just by standers in crime happening around them, and try to end police brutality:


JetBlue Airways @JB

Jet blue header.PNG

JetBlue Airways have amassed over two million Twitter followers, and have been active since May 2007.

The company have integrated the Snapchat “snapcode” and set it as their profile picture; which is a clever way for users to stay updated with the general running of the company through use of the app, and see any promotional offers available. Their bio. is simple and precise; offering humour, a link to their website, telephone number as well as briefly mentioning their “award-winning service”.

JB Airways content is mostly promotion based (offers, discount flights and tips for where to travel and what to do), aimed at potential customers, but some tweets are stand out; such as offering help on how to overcome flight anxiety. Intelligent initiative, as it could help people overcome their fear of flying, thus increasing their potential to fly with JB Airways!


The page responds quickly to queries in a friendly and concise manner. They regularly post content with pictures, and videos to add another element to their social media page. They also stay up-to-date with current events by mentioning the US Presidential Race; but very carefully so as to stay neutral, as taking a side could be disastrous and result in lost sales.


Paddy Power @PaddyPower


The Irish Bookmaker are never ones to shy away from the spotlight; and have had some audacious campaigns in the past, such as odds on Barack Obama to be assassinated back in 2008, which was quickly pulled after widespread condemnation. (12/1 in case you were wondering, down from 16/1!)

PaddyPower have a bright and colourful Twitter page, boasting their instantly recognizable greens and white double “PP” as their profile picture to aid brand recognition. They’ve been active since April 2008 and have over 605,000 followers and 161,000 tweets in that time. Their cover photo has the caption “When the fun stops; STOP”; to help highlight gambling addiction and raise awareness, and also has the website link to gamble aware if you would like to receive more information.

Their tweets are all things sports related, as well as funny videos, GIFS, images, memes and jokes. Basically anything that will get a reaction, they’ll use it:



The bookmaker also stay up-to-date with topical events such as the US General Election and even payed out early on a Hilary win, much to the bemusement of “Donald Trump” in this clip:

When PP aren’t making fun of a team for losing, they’re posting odds and advertising their specials along with the link to their site for a customer friendly service and ease of use:


Paddy Power have only two lists created; one of all their Twitter pages and another of purely soccer related tweets from accounts all across the world if you want to stay up to date, as the action happens:


I think out of the three I’ve picked, Paddy Power is the hands down winner for me. Purely because they’re able to get away with the things that other business’ wouldn’t even dare to attempt, and because they’re so brazen. But please, do let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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