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5 Tips to Improve your Facebook Page

Have a clear cover photo

Social Media Examiner suggests using a clear cover photo, as their number one top tip.  A cover photo helps brighten the page, and can help show what the business has to offer to potential customers.

Franks Corner.PNG

Franks Corner Bar & Restaurant, as seen above, need to improve their Facebook page due to the clear absence of a cover photo, as the page just seems to be missing a crucial element. A cover photo also helps brighten up a Business’ Facebook page, and helps make the page look more professional looking. (Notice the lack of an email in the “Suggested Contact Info” as well; the business is making it very difficult for customers to reach the restaurant for bookings, or to inquire about opening hours etc)

In comparison, Coca-Cola have a visually striking and memorable cover photo, which helps to create brand awareness, and leaves a lasting impression with the viewer which helps lead to increased sales and revenue.


Complete the “About” section

Such a simple task, yet some businesses neglect this crucial step. The “About Section” should contain any relevant information to help bring in custom such as telephone numbers, opening hours, website, address etc Potential customers shouldn’t have difficulty in finding out how to contact your business or where the business is located, otherwise they will simply go elsewhere.


McSorleys Entertainment Venue in Killarney, have all the relevant info needed in their “About” section, even including a Google Maps function to aid in finding the business easily.

Regular Posting Strategy

Followers need to be kept updated on any changes in the business, and any events or offers available or any factors that affect the day to day running of the business. Social Media Marketing says that due to recent changes to the news feed algorithm, you need to post more often to stay top of mind with your followers and get the most engagement. As people skim over most of the posts on Facebook; a post containing an interesting or intriguing photo with writing, is far more effective than just a word post, as it grabs the readers attention. That’s why bright pictures and videos should be used to engage with the viewer and grasp their attention. Videos should be short, to the point, and be relevant to the topic on hand.


Share exclusive promotions and discounts

Facebook Business says to offer special deals or perks to your customers to keep them interested and to drive online sales. Include call to actions with links to the most relevant page on your website.


Large, colourful banners like Shaws Department Store have done above, help to attract maximum attention and create awareness to the deals/promotion on offer; thus increasing the potential for sales.

Have an effective “Call to Action” button

A “Call to Action” button helps influence the potential customer to “buy now”, “reserve now”, “call now” etc. Business.com says there are lots of different CTAs, and you should try them all. That includes CTAs that encourage people to sign up, use apps, make a purchase, watch a video, and contact your company. Gauge your metrics as you test the different CTAs to see which one works for you. Then, test that type of CTA, using slightly different language with each one.


The Grand Hotel Tralee’s current CTA is “Call Now”; this helps ease the hassle of finding contact details for the hotel, all it takes is the hover of the mouse and the telephone number pops up on screen.


Similarly, The Smugglers Inn  in Waterville, Co. Kerry have a CTA of “Book Now”; when you click the CTA button, you’re lead to their website where you can make an online reservation and their special offers appear too. Again, the business take the hassle out of having to ring up and inquire, by having an online reservation option available if you prefer.


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